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What We Offer 

Welcome to our comprehensive forex platform! We offer everything you need from beginner-friendly forex basics and advanced education courses, to a wide array of indicators. Join our vibrant community, engage with our leaders, and benefit from personalised 1-on-1 sessions. Empower yourself and master the art of trading with our all-inclusive package.

Relentless™ Lot Size Calculator

Our Lot Size Calculator, seamlessly integrated with TradingView, empowers traders to effortlessly manage risk and calculate their trade position size.. Simply input your capital, desired risk amount, entry and stop loss levels. Currently supports all forex pairs, gold, stocks, and indices.  Compatible with USD, GBP, and EUR trading accounts.

Meraki Method Strategy

This trading strategy is based solely on price action, eliminating the need for indicators. That said we do provide free indicators to assist you, whilst you are training your eyes. Our educator openly trades this strategy live, showcasing his transparent trading history. This method is covered in our advanced course.

Forex Basics Course

Our forex basics education course is perfect for building a strong foundation of understanding before delving into our advanced Meraki Method. Learn about charts, candlestick patterns, trade placement, and more, setting the groundwork for mastering the intricacies of our advanced trading approach.

Relentless™ The Dean

Powered by advanced and sophisticated code, this indicator precisely identifies high-probability setups, ensuring sniper-like precision for entry and tight stop losses. Stay ahead of the game with timely alerts and witness the incredible success stories of traders who have conquered prop firm challenges. Unlock the secrets of the market with this game-changing tool and take your trading to new heights.

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