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Trading Alert: Top News Events for Day Traders This Week

High impact news events this week for day traders

As day traders, staying informed about upcoming high-impact news events is crucial for navigating volatile markets and minimizing risks. This week presents a series of significant events that have the potential to sway currency markets and trigger sharp price movements.

In this blog post, we'll outline the key news events scheduled for the week of May 6th to May 10th and offer insights on how day traders can approach these events with caution to avoid adverse outcomes such as large spreads and slippage.

Monday 6th May: Bank Holidays in UK and Japan

With bank holidays observed in the UK and Japan, trading volumes may be lower than usual, leading to reduced liquidity and potentially wider spreads. Day traders should exercise caution and consider scaling back trading activity during these periods to avoid unexpected market movements.

Tuesday 7th May: Australian Cash Rate and RBA Monetary Policy Statement

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is set to announce its latest cash rate decision, with expectations for it to remain unchanged at 4.35%. Additionally, GBP construction PMI figures could serve as a notable mover if the actual figure deviates significantly from the forecast. Traders should brace for potential volatility in the AUD and GBP currency pairs around these announcements.

Wednesday 8th May: USA 10-Year Bond Auction

Auction of 10-year US Treasury bonds is scheduled, which could impact bond yields and influence market sentiment. Higher demand for bonds may indicate investor caution and lead to a flight to safety, potentially strengthening the USD. Day traders should monitor bond auction results closely for potential market reactions.

Thursday 9th May: UK Monetary Policy, USD Employment Claims, and 30-Year Bond Auction

Bank holidays in France, Germany, and Switzerland may result in reduced trading activity across European markets. Meanwhile, the UK monetary policy announcement and official bank rate votes are expected to remain unchanged. Additionally, USD employment claims data and 30-year bond auctions in the USA could impact market sentiment and USD currency pairs.

Friday 10th May: UK GBP m/m, Preliminary GDP q/q, and USA Preliminary UoM Consumer Sentiment

Traders should pay close attention to UK GBP month-over-month and preliminary GDP quarter-over-quarter figures, as well as the USA preliminary University of Michigan (UoM) consumer sentiment data. These releases have the potential to influence GBP and USD currency pairs, respectively, based on their impact on economic growth and consumer sentiment.

Approaching High-Impact News Events with Caution:

Day traders should exercise caution around the days and times of high-impact news events to avoid experiencing large spreads and slippage on any open positions. Consider reducing position sizes, tightening stop-loss orders, or temporarily stepping away from the market during periods of heightened volatility. By staying informed and adopting a prudent approach, day traders can mitigate risks and navigate volatile market conditions successfully.


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