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Trading Essentials


We highly recommend using TradingView to check the charts and complete your analysis on. Use the link below to create your free account - the basic free package will serve you well. As you get more comfortable and start to progress to more advanced trading techniques, you may want to consider upgrading to one of the other packages but this is not essential.



We, and our forex trading community, have tried and tested a number of brokers over the years, and we believe that FXPrimus comes out on top at the moment. They are a regulated broker, they offer tighter spreads and take lower commissions. You can check them out yourself here by creating a free demo account.



Backtesting your strategy is one of the most important things you can do as a new trader. This software allows you to actually rewind the charts and place trades as if in real time; adjust your stop losses, TP's, set your risk management etc.

Check out the website here and get your copy today!



Check out our list of recommendations - includes our favourite trading and personal development books. We understand that learning to trade is a journey and we strongly believe that the hardset part of trading is your own mind! Some of these books really help you to understand how to change your mindset and improve your trading results.

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