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Election 2024: The Impact on the Pound if Conservatives or Labour Win

The Implications of Rishi Sunak Calling a General Election on the Strength of the Pound


Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister, has officially called a general election. This decision sets the stage for a crucial political battle that will shape the country's economic future. One of the key areas impacted by political changes is the strength of the pound sterling (GBP). In this blog, we will explore the immediate and long-term implications of this general election on the GBP, and what could happen if either the Conservative Party or the Labour Party takes power.

Immediate Implications of Calling a General Election

When a general election is announced, it often introduces a period of uncertainty. Financial markets typically dislike uncertainty because it makes it harder to predict future economic policies and their effects. Here’s what might happen in the short term:

  1. Increased Volatility: The pound is likely to experience increased volatility as investors react to polling data, campaign promises, and any unexpected events. This could lead to fluctuations in the exchange rate, sometimes on a daily basis.

  2. Investor Sentiment: Investors may adopt a wait-and-see approach, causing a temporary slowdown in investment activities. The pound could weaken if investors anticipate a prolonged period of uncertainty or fear that the election results might lead to less market-friendly policies.

  3. Market Speculation: Currency traders might speculate on the potential outcomes, leading to sharp movements in the pound’s value. Speculative trading can amplify volatility.

Potential Outcomes and Their Impact on the Pound

If the Conservative Party Wins

The Conservative Party, traditionally seen as pro-business, tends to favor policies that are perceived as market-friendly. Here’s how a Conservative victory could impact the pound:

  1. Stability and Continuity: A Conservative win might be seen as a continuation of current policies, which could reassure investors. This sense of stability might strengthen the pound as the risk of drastic policy changes diminishes.

  2. Economic Policies: The Conservatives typically advocate for lower taxes and reduced government spending. These policies might boost business confidence and investment, potentially leading to a stronger pound.

  3. Trade Relationships: Continuity in trade policies, especially regarding post-Brexit trade deals, could provide further support to the pound by reducing uncertainty around the UK’s economic relationships.

If the Labour Party Wins

The Labour Party, which traditionally leans towards more interventionist economic policies, might introduce changes that could impact investor confidence differently:

  1. Market Reactions to Policy Shifts: Labour’s proposals, such as increased public spending, higher taxes on corporations and the wealthy, and greater regulation, might initially cause concern among investors. This could lead to a short-term weakening of the pound as markets adjust to the anticipated policy shifts.

  2. Public Investment and Economic Growth: On the other hand, Labour’s focus on public investment, especially in infrastructure, education, and healthcare, could stimulate economic growth in the long run. If markets become convinced that these investments will lead to a stronger economy, the pound might recover and strengthen over time.

  3. Trade and Industry Policies: Labour’s approach to trade, particularly if it involves renegotiating existing deals or seeking new ones, could introduce uncertainty but also opportunities. The impact on the pound would depend on how these policies are perceived by international investors.


Rishi Sunak’s decision to call a general election brings a period of uncertainty that will likely affect the pound’s strength. In the short term, we can expect increased volatility and cautious investor sentiment. The long-term impact will heavily depend on the election outcome.

A Conservative victory could bolster the pound through perceived economic stability and market-friendly policies. Conversely, a Labour win might initially weaken the pound due to fears of higher taxes and increased regulation but could potentially strengthen it if their public investment strategies lead to robust economic growth.

Investors and market watchers will be closely monitoring polling data, campaign developments, and post-election policy announcements to gauge the future direction of the pound. Regardless of the outcome, the election will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the UK's economic landscape and the value of its currency.

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