Ready to Own A Relentless NFT...

How's it work?

  • 10,000 maximum supply of unique NFT's

  • $11k giveaway for every 50 sold

  • Once all 10k have been sold, there will be a guaranteed $10k giveaway every month for 5 years

  • There will also be additional random giveaways funded through treasury investments

  • Owning a Relentless NFT may also give you additional benefits in future... Stay tuned...  TBC!


1 NFT automatically gives you 1 entry to every giveaway that takes place!

Owning a Relentless NFT may bring you more benefits in the future too... Watch this space!


Relentless plans to be sustainable through investing in various stablecoin yields & node projects.

The random giveaways will be funded through those investments.

There will be a $11k giveaway for every 50 NFT's that are sold.

Once all 10,000 have been sold, there will be a minimum guaranteed $10k giveaway every month, for 5 years.

Relentless feels strongly about giving back to those in need, which is why 5% of all NFT sales will go to charity.

Relentless members that own a NFT will be able to vote on where those donations go.

Relentless NFT Holders...

As a Relentless NFT holder you will automatically level up!!

Each tiger has been well looked after, granted some of them party a little with a wine, a beer or an occasional martini. They are however, enjoying life to the max, so when you own a Relentless NFT... Make sure you look after them!

Keep your crypto wallets safe and secure, never share or enter your recovery seedphrase with anyone!!

Relentless will never ask you for this!

Relentless members that hold an NFT will be able to access the voting system for charity donations.

There will be 1,000 first edition Relentless NFT's... What are you waiting for...!

Our Roadmap

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