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Meet the Team

We are extremely passionate about helping people generate multiple streams of income. We understand the importance of finding financial freedom, and even the smallest amount of extra income can really make a massive difference, to a lot of people.

We don't make any income guarantee claims, and you won't be a millionaire overnight, but we can guarantee to support you on your journey. One that could take you one step closer to achieving that ultimate financial freedom goal that we all have.

Please don't be shy. Reach out to us either via our website, or find us on social media - we would love to hear from you. The links to our social media accounts are in our profiles below.

"How many millionaires do you know, who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case."

Robert G. Allen

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin

Board of Directors

Vicky Dean

Chief Executive Officer

Vicky started out investing in crypto approximately 5 years ago, and holds a CPD certified cryptocurrency diploma.

With her cryptocurrency knowledge, Vicky transitioned into the forex world and follows a strict swing trading strategy.

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Andrew Hankin

Director of Operations

Andrew is our marketing and tech guy! He runs another project working on suicide prevention and completes a lot of voluntary work in this field.

He believes strongly in helping people make money through multiple streams of income, with this being one of his main focuses.

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Peter Crowe

Director of Education

Peter is a 6 figure funded trader and an army veteran. Following his army departure, he had a very successful removals company before he found forex.

When Peter found forex he knew this was what he wanted to do and that he could provide people with an incredible opportunity to generate some additional income.

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Other Team Members


Crypto Educator

Mat comes from a fintech background and places a real emphasis on portfolio diversification, security in crypto and reviewing contracts/tokenomics.

Even in times of uncertainty with crypto, he's found some real hidden gems.

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