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Become a Funded Trader

We have a few people from our forex trading community that have secured funding through one of the following programmes. There's no reason why you can't be one of them!


FTMO run a challenge that you can take to apply for funding ranging from $10k to $200k. Check out their website via the link below for more details. The high level rules of the challenge are:

1. You have 30 trading days to make 10% and you must not exceed 10% drawdown. There are different max daily drawdown rules, depending on whether you apply to take the standard or aggressive challenge.

2. If you pass phase one, you then have 60 days to make 5% profit and the same drawdown rules apply.

3. Prove that you can trade consistently and you'll be able to trade the account that you applied for.

4. Once passed, you will be paid 70% of the profits! If at any point you go minus 10% then you'll have the account removed and you'd need to start the process again. However, they do cover the losses - so you aren't liable for them!


Please check the website for more details - as these rules and payout percentages could change at any time.

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